Translate everything you write in the chat of your games !

A tool you will use in multiplayer games

It's free and fast !

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🎮 What is Ingame?

The Ingame tool allows gamers to translate anything they write in their native language in chat into a language that other gamers use to chat (usually English).

💻 How to install it?

Download the latest .zip version of Ingame and unzip this file with a decompression software like Winrar. Then, place the Ingame folder where you want in your computer and launch the Ingame.exe file that is inside to start the program.

Or find all versions of Ingame in .zip format by clicking here.

🖱 For MacOS ?

If you are on MacOS, download the executable version for Mac here. If a terminal appears when you start the app, it is normal, just wait a little and follow the instructions.
Note : If your browser says the program is dangerous, don't believe it (click on keep file or continue downloading). The reason for this indication is that Ingame is not yet widely downloaded.
When you open the Ingame application after unzipping the .zip, if your Mac reports that the application can't open because the developer is not identified, it's normal. Just go to your system preferences > security and privacy > general > open Ingame anyway.

If you have this error : "Unable to open "Ingame" because Sandbox is not allowed to open documents in Terminal", copy the executable file on your desktop, then open it !

Don't worry, the program is totally safe, we promise.

🛠 How to configure it?

When you start the Ingame program, it will ask you to enter the following values :

  1. "What language should you translate your messages into": This is the destination language (check all supported languages)
  2. "Choose your starting key": Enter the key you will use to start the translation (a key you never use usually : check all start keys).

🚀 How do I start it?

Before playing your favourite game, don't forget to launch the program. To activate the translation of the text you are writing, press the start key you have selected and write your text. Once you have written your text in the chat (in your native language), don't forget to press the start button again to finish translating the text. Finally, the program will automatically replace what you have written in English (or other languages).

In case of bugs, try restarting the program and changing your start key.
When you have finished playing, close the program (Ingame).